Sunday, February 10, 2013

Summer in Cornwall

Elder McCook is doing great!  He has been in Cornwall (southwestern region of the country) since April 12th.  His current companion, Elder Corca, is from Romania and they enjoy each other very much.  They are on foot and their area is very large.  Elder McCook loves the ward members and there are several members who are key in reaching out and building relationships with others which helps the missionary efforts move forward.  "Findings" are not too common of a thing in his mission.  But, he recently had the opportunity to help teach and baptize an older fellow named Henry.  This was a very exciting thing for Elder McCook to be a part of.  He also has had the opportunity to serve as District Leader and Trainer. The weather there is somewhat mild as they are near the ocean and more south. It rains almost constantly during the summer.  Attached are pictures of wild berries and wild hydrangeas found while tracting.  The Cornwall area didn't have much going on this summer as far as the Olympics were concerned, but they did find a patch of landscaping which reminded them that the Olympics were going on.  

Elder McCook stopping to snack on wild blackberries

Elder Corca, Henry and Elder McCook
   Oh, how green it is!
 Summer Olympics 2012
 Beautiful, wild hydrangeas 

Testimony from Elder McCook:

So I've decided to just add my testimony that despite what opposition that the devil throws at us, the work will go onward, and I am simply a piece of the rock that is rolling without hands, and that the Lord is in this work. He knows what is best for all of us, and I know I am sent to this place, for thus it was expedient for the salvation of souls (D&C 100.) I'm learning a lot each day, and still feel I know so little and hope I put the gospel into action in my life and the life of my brothers and sisters, which is how we learn the best. The Church is true, it is the Lord's Church, and contains the gospel of Christ which is the power of God to the salvation of men, which is immortality and eternal life. My hope is for all to treasure up the words of life continually by study and by faith in our everyday
lives, continually repenting and living the gospel.

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