Sunday, February 10, 2013

Haywards Heath - A new year!

An angel! :) Fun in the snow!

It has snowed like crazy and we didn't know what we were doing because I've just played in it, but not dealt with it like in every day life. We spend most our time now just offering to shovel people's driveway, pathway, etc. They spread this stuff called rock salt after you shovel it, which melts the ice (as it lowers the melting point. Chemistry 101.) Nobody likes the snow here, as everything shuts down, and people skip out on work, church, or school. Lots of that stuff is cancelled. We still had church this week though, but had to go home an hour early, skipping out on priesthood/relief society as the snow just kept coming down!

We had a miracle this week. We got a media referral through text, and usually these are members who sign up their friends for the missionaries to pop by. This time it was a young family not content with the answers the Church of England gave (like a girl in India was raped and killed and they said she was damned for eternity because she wasn't baptized, etc.) Caroline, the mum, remembered hearing about Mormons and felt strongly about looking us up. She agreed with all our doctrine on and requested a visit. We visited with them the following day and they let us in and we taught and testified about the restored gospel, and, (lightly) discussed the spirit world in relation to that question about the girl in India, among other questions they had which we answered. They accepted everything, committed to come to church, to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and to be baptized once they know the truth. I'm very grateful that the Lord is preparing people to hear the restored gospel, and how the gospel of Jesus Christ answers the questions of the soul that we all have. The Lord will bring you to them, or He will bring them to you, and we were blessed in this regard.

Another miracle this week is that we finally came in contact with a former investigator Blessing, who had a baptismal date and everything, but they've been traveling all over the place and we finally came in contact with her and taught her. Despite us not seeing her for months, she's been reading the Book of Mormon and knows it's true, but she doesn't quite feel prepared for baptism (of course, because we haven't visited in a while) and she said she'd need to be 18 before she is baptized, which is only in March, which is just around the corner. Cool how things happen like that! She's also kept in contact with the young women during this period, which I think has helped out a lot.

Anyway, the Lord works in miraculous ways to bring to pass his work for our salvation.

An international mission:
 So there were a couple really cool things that happened this week. On New Years Day, we went to the Babbage family (they're from Zimbabwe) and they had their brother and sister in law over. They love America and Americans, so that made it easy for us to connect with them, because they kept asking us about our home. We had a chance to leave a "spiritual thought" which pretty much turned into a lesson and it got into celestial marriage and all that (kinda deep for a first lesson I'd say) but not too bad and we tried to keep it simple. They wanted to have the missionaries over for dinner and stuff, so that was cool. They're from Reading, so they're gonna have to be referred. It's kind of refreshing teaching people from other countries especially Africa where they have more life in them (they were all smiley, and hilarious.) It's kind of like Napoleon Dynamite and all the sudden La Fawnda comes along :)

We street contacted a guy from Uganda who said he'd been praying to meet someone to talk to him about Christ, and sure enough that's what we were talking about. We shared our testimonies and also introduced some Restoration principles with him. He's from up north of London and works down here (kind of odd, usually other way around) so we also referred him to the elders up there.

We also started to teach one of our investigator's Mom, who's French (she's really funny, it's hard to describe.) Her English is ok, but she has trouble understanding us sometimes. (only if only Connor were here to translate) Every time she sees us she asks, "So Mormons do the polygamy, right?" And each time we explain it to her, but she doesn't get it. It's quite funny really. Any time you ask a random person what they know about Mormons, they mention polygamy or Romney or some random thing they've heard. So that's why I stop asking people what they know and just go on to teach true principles that bring the Spirit instead of trying to correct their various ideas on what we believe. The Book of Mormon musical is coming to London soon, so that should raise some interesting questions.

If you ever wonder if this mission is international, it is without hesitation! Most of the people we teach are from other countries.

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