Sunday, June 24, 2012


A view from the cemetery in Hayle
Pool of water near the ocean in Hayle
Petting a goat at Paradise Park
Controlling some weeds with roundup.  
Elder McCook is getting pretty serious about this!
Scraping wallpaper at a members home.  Looks like he is serving with a smile! :)
A very silly district!
Now a very serious district!

So, with Cornwall, things are a bit like Yeovil but not really.
Firstly, we don't have a car so that means walking and bussing, which
also means more opportunities to talk to people! I've had some fun
experiences already. I make an effort to try to talk to at least one
person on the bus each time we take it. So far, I've had experiences
ranging from return appointments to a conversation I had with a man on
the bus: Me - "So where are you headed to today?" Random guy - "That's
none of your business" ........ Me - "Not very good weather today, is
it?" Man - "No." End of conversation. And then awkward sitting there
for 30 minutes.

But for example, this morning, I chatted to this guy named Dan who's
really cool, very talented, but I can tell his life isn't where he
wants it to be. We got a return appointment with him.

The thing with missionary work is this: We need to be warm to our
neighbor before we warn our neighbor. With knocking, that isn't very
easy to do, plus we are mistaken for Jehovah's Witnesses 90% of the
time. Sure, I'll still do that, but when you've got someone on a bus
who is just as bored as you are who will be on there for half an hour
with the opportunity to simply have a fun chat, then it's amazing and
you can actually find people who are prepared. But you have to be
courageous as you will encounter people like the guy I mentioned
earlier who is just kinda bleh. It just takes faith.

Some really cool stuff has been happening, especially in the Zone. We
have a miracle zone conference call every once in a while and we had
one last night where each area shared a miracle. About five areas said
that yesterday they had one or more less active members return to
church that hadn't gone in several years at least! (one of them 30
years.) Yesterday a random guy walked up to us and said that he was
meeting with the Elders and had an addiction to cannabis, smoking, and
porn but he wanted to give that up and get baptized. He's living in
Penzance so we forwarded him onto the missionaries in our district in
Helston. Cool stuff!