Monday, April 16, 2012

Downend (Bristol area)

I've got to admit as much as I enjoyed Yeovil, I'm really digging this

area! It's a city, so it's more like Phoenix. Basically, Tempe is to

Downend as Phoenix is to Bristol if that makes sense. Except as I said

our area includes much of actual Bristol and the surrounding suburbs

like Fishponds and St George and Kingswood, etc.

When traveling through certain parts, especially as you get closer to

Bristol, it feels like you're walking through Turkey or Pakistan or

the Congo. I'm guessing it's changed a lot since Grandpa was here,

but there are certain parts where it's hard to point out a white

person. I really like that though. There are plenty of Muslims in

Bristol, and the UK in fact. Yeovil was very English, with a little

Polish, but there are all sorts of nationalities here.

A little sight seeing in the big city!

Surely Elder McCook was thinking of his Mum
when he saw this feature as his was strolling down the streets of Bristol!

Zone picture

Many good things happened this week. Our baptismal date Ruth is

progressing and keeping all the commitments we give her. She really

enjoyed General Conference. I can see the Spirit operating in her and

prompting a repentant attitude in her. The only obstacle with Ruth is

family opposition, particularly with her mother, upon Ruth telling her

mother about her baptismal date. Ruth said that she'll turn around,

and we hope she does. As changes occur in Ruth, I believe that her

mother will see this and know that the good fruit that living the

restored gospel brings will yield blessings in Ruth's life, and her

mother will be alright with it. She's already getting to know the ward with Institute

activities and such. Such people have been prepared over time. A year

ago Ruth investigated the church when she was attending Oxford

University, but had a boyfriend that was halting progress. She was

more concerned in what her boyfriend thinks than what God thinks. But

she has changed, and possibly breaking up has catalyzed that. She will

make a fine member of the church.

We also had investigators Paul and Judith attend General Conference,

and I can see that they felt the Spirit. I felt that the talks given

in the respective conferences that the investigators attended had

personal relevance for them. For example, Elder Baxter spoke about

single mothers, and Judith felt that she needed to hear that as she is

a single mother. The Lord works in mysterious but grand ways!"

Everyone else we're teaching are foreign actually. Paul from Rowanda,

Judith from South Africa, a Philippino named Loni, and a Saeid from

Pakistan. Very interesting. Everyone that we find is either Catholic

or Muslim, which I think is pretty weird, seeing as those are the two

strongest faiths besides ours. The London South Mission is possibly

the most diverse mission in the world.

President Shamo asked us to read through the White Handbook

and PMG cover to cover in as little time as possible, and identify

areas to improve on. As I've highlighted multiple things and have

repented, I've felt the Spirit's influence in greater abundance. (See

D&C 130:20-21)

Cathedral in Bristol