Sunday, January 22, 2012

Third Transfer - Yeovil

Elder McCook and Elder Day
with cool Christmas shades that ward members gave them

Our zone had a Temple Conference the week of Christmas, which was waay cool! I had forgotten lots of the Temple (the doctrines rather than the mechanics, surprisingly) and so it was a good refresher. It will be a year until the next trip, so that's pretty crazy. After the Temple we did some skits and showed short films of ourselves, some of which were spiritual and others silly. It was fun to have a break.

The team at "Brainwave" (Charity shop) that the missionaries volunteer at

I've noticed English people are really into working, and then spending remaining time eating, sleeping, or with family. That's really all they do. Often times, religion doesn't come as a high priority unfortunately. So because of the work (and it's always both Mum and Dad who work) it's hard to find people with free time on their hands. But we do what we can.

Santa's Elves prepare for some baking on Christmas Eve

For Christmas we are baking some goodies for investigators and we are wrapping up a Book of Mormon in Thai and giving it to an investigators wife, who's from Thailand. Speaking of that, did you guys know I've met people from like everywhere? There are loads of Polish people here. I've met people from Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, pretty much everywhere in Europe, then like a bunch of Africans and there's lots of Muslims here (that we don't talk to because we're not allowed, so I don't know where they're from.) The UK is most definitely more international than the US. And, what I mentioned is in Yeovil, a little English town. Elder Day served in London and met people from 80+ nationalities.

The Yeovil Ward shower the missionaries at Christmas time!!

Elder Day and I gave talks in sacrament meeting. I talked about Jesus Christ and Elder Day talked about gifts that God has given us. It was my first talk that I decided to basically just outline with scriptures and speak how I felt. The only funny thing is that because of that I didn't time out my talk beforehand and it turned out being like 20+ minutes. The bishop handed me a note while I was speaking basically saying "Sorry, time is up! Excellent talk!" It was funny because he gave it to me at the end when I was bearing testimony. Eh, whatever, it was kind of funny. That gave Elder Day only like 15 mins.

(Elder McCook shared the scriptures below with us from his sacrament talk. He says that these are in no particular order. Some of the scriptures that he chose were interesting to us and gave us more insight into his spiritual sensitivity.)

Isaiah 7:14

Isaiah 9:6

Isaiah 53:2-5

Matthew 22:36-40

John 3:16-17

2 Nephi 2:8

2 Nephi 9:21

Mosiah 13:33

Alma 7:13-14

Ether 3:14

D&C 19:16-19

Moses 4:2 (also see Abraham 3:24-28)

I'm excited about all the goals you guys are setting in regards to the Book of Mormon reading. I finished the Book of Mormon for the second time a month ago (personally reading it), and gained lots of insights from it. It's so verrrry important that we read this book, because it's a foundation of testimony. President Benson's "The Book of Mormon - The Keystone of Our Religion" is amazing. I recommend that you read this before reading the Book of Mormon. Also, Dallin H. Oaks has a really good talk "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." This one is super doctrinally intense, but it's great. It basically says that the saints are under condemnation until they read and treasure the Book of Mormon.

8:00 AM Sunrise in Yeovil
(Who says Arizona has the most beautiful sunrises?!)

Same sunrise overlooking a nearby farm