Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Transfer - Yeovil

Elder McCook and Elder Day - A great companionship!
Elder Day is from England

The mission office is on the London England Temple grounds

President and Sister Shamo (Mission Pres & wife) are serving from Utah

Elder McCook just a little excited about a package from home!

Stonehenge is in Elder McCook's district!

Excerpts from emails throughout the first transfer:

The area I am in is officially called Yeovil. Yeovil is pronounced "Yo - ville." Kinda like "Yo, wassup?" and "ville," like Jackson"ville,"Florida.

Our area is huge. Depending on where our dinner appointment, referrals and less actives our, we base our tracting around that. Oddly enough, tracting is probably the easiest way to find potential investigators here. Working on the streets, especially the town centre not so much because people are focused on buying things and they're in a hurry. Yeovil is fairly family centered, so mothers and such like hearing what we have to say about families. If men answer the door however, it's usually a slammed one. Not all the time though.

The missionaries in England developed a far superior way to do tracting and that is called "presetting." It's basically where we go to a street and place flyers saying that we will be in the neighborhood at a certain time in a few days and that they can call or text to either set up an appointment at a certain time, or say "don't come by" basically. It's a pretty interesting method.

I also had my best teaching lesson thus far. We taught a family (don't know the surname) of a father James, a mother Toya, and children Harry and Billy (3 yrs and 7 yrs respectively.) We had a very spiritual teaching lesson, and we invited them to pray at the end (kneeling prayer.) James said the closing prayer! I love it when investigators pray, it's like they're talking to someone face to face. Anyway, we taught them all sorts of stuff, it was led by the Spirit. We taught them eternal families, temple marriage, the entire Restoration, the Book of Mormon, and prayer. James pretty much self-committed to going to church yesterday. And Toya wanted to read the Book of Mormon to determine if what we're saying is true (which is exactly what we want!)

Anyway, we also finally have a baptismal date for the 18 year old Nik in the ward. He's been going to church forever, but finally is honoring his commitments. He's good about reading and praying daily now. We have a date for the 11th of November. In our district, we have a total of 6 baptismal dates lined up. Basically, people who say you don't baptize in England don't understand that there are those few who are seekers for the truth. In fact, when President Eyring was setting apart President Shamo, he blessed him by saying that during his stay as mission president, 'the seekers would once again find the truth.' Something to that effect.

My favorite meal so far was a Sunday roast yesterday at a member's home. Every family in England has this meal on Sunday which includes a combination of turkey and stuffing and potatoes and vegetables with cheese sauce on it and yorkshire pudding and gravy on the top of everything. Delish! And for dessert; meringue and fruit. Also, I've had scones (like our biscuits), crumpits (kind of like english muffins with holes), nutella (I love nutella), and squash which is like super concentrated fruit juice that you dilute and it tastes really good. Also, the milk here is waaaay better than the stuff at home. On my list of things to try is some sort of pastie, like a cornish pastie. I've only had fish and chips once, and that was at the MTC. The people here drench that stuff with malt vinegar like there's no tomorrow. The mushy peas are really really good here. They taste like refried beans for some reason.

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